Aperol Spritz

On warm summer evenings the cocktail hour can stretch out longer than usual, so it makes sense to mix up a lighter concoction. Here is a light cocktail favorite using Aperol. This versatile Italian aperitif is a tasty libation that is a little bitter, citrusy, with subtle herbal notes. Think blood orange with a hint of rhubarb. At 11% alcohol, it's best used as a flavor enhancer—a little goes a long way. Now that’s it widely available in the U.S., no more schlepping bottles back from Sicily in my suitcase!

This is refreshing and light- a perfect apertivo before mealtime. Servings: 2



  • 3½ oz (100 ml) Aperol

  • 6 oz (150 ml) prosecco

  • sparkling water, to top

  • 2 orange slices


Fill two large wine glasses with ice and divide the Aperol and prosecco between each glass. Top with Sparkling water and stir slightly. Garnish with orange slice.